Discover what your piercing says about you.

Whether you realise it or not, everything you do, both the everyday and extraordinary, reveals something about you - yes, even the piercing that you’ve got on as well! If you ever were curious about how the world sees you, let us fill you in...

Lobe Piercings  – The One Who Keeps Everyone Grounded


A classic. We all know and love a good lobe piercing; they are versatile and timeless. You can adorn them with a variety of jewelry styles like a pair of subtle ear studs, dramatic hoop earrings, or intricate hanging earrings - the list is practically endless! So, what does it say about you?

You are the type of person who brings the group together: flexible, level-headed and always ready to reach out, you are the one everyone calls in an emergency. Many look up to you and are in awe of not just your sensibilities, but also your warmth, wit and ability to hold your own.

Pain threshold: 3 / 10


Cartilage Piercing – The Unexpected Party Starter


A level above the quintessential lobe piercings, cartilage piercings can bring a lot to the table and sometimes, more.

If you have one of these piercings, you’re somebody who likes to tiptoe between safe and edgy. You dabble between the subtle and unordinary, letting your quirks shine through in little glimpses.

And if you have multiple cartilage piercings - you’re somebody who wants it all, and isn’t afraid to venture out of your comfort zone (quite literally - cartilage piercings can be painful). You’re multi-layered and know exactly what to turn on for each occasion. Not one to hide your true self - people love the surprises you bring.

Pain threshold: 4 and above / 10


Nose Piercing – The Natural Charmer Everyone Loves

(From left to right): 


The septum piercing: the nose piercing that had its moment and is officially here to stay.

If you have a septum piercing, you love being a little rebellious, putting your edge on display. Your charm is undeniable, and it has put you in the spotlight on some occasions, even if you have never had any intention of being the life of the party. You possess an unexplainable magnetic pull that draws people in, enticing those around you to learn a bit more of the brilliance you offer to the world.

Pain threshold: 4/10


Stretched Piercings – The Rebel With A Cause

(From top left to bottom right): 
Amaranth Dragon's Eye Tunnel
Classic Ring Stack in Steel
Georgia Baroque Hangers
Classic Lobe Cuffs™ (2 sizes)
Magma Moon Hangers

Green Striped Agate Plugs

Like your alternative earrings, you’re all about going against the grain and carving a style that you can call your own. You don’t care much about societal constructs or trends - you make your own rules and you live by them. This quality of yours often draws people in, but you’re not likely to open your doors to just about anyone. You're a rebel on the outside, but behind that persona is somebody who’s deep, emotional and sentimental.

Pain threshold: 7 and above /10

Let the world bear witness to your beauty - inside and out. As you empower yourself through self-expression, allow our alternative jewelry to be part of your journey.