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Plain Rings

Plain Rings & Bands That Speak To All Styles

A ring is more than just an accessory—the way you wear it can say as much as the piece itself.

Ask & Embla celebrates all forms of self-expressions for both men or women so go ahead and style yourself with a piece of jewelry that's as unique as you are.

Wear your plain ring as a standalone piece or stack it with others. Curate a collection by choosing various rings in unusual materials like marble or wood and mix them with other rings in different metals like gold, silver, or brass for a classic look. 

A gold ring with a unique textured finish would be perfect for an elegant night out, while a brightly coloured ring would add a fun pop of colour to any outfit.

Gold & Silver Rings With Countless Ways For Expression

Whether it’s for men or women, rings are always a crowd favourite. Wear your plain ring alone as a simple fashion statement or  try playing with different rings’ shapes, sizes and textures. Opt for a thicker band for a more statement-making look or a smaller one for something more subtle. 

Browse Extra Ordinary Yet Extraordinary Rings Online

It's time for your collection to grow. Our gold and silver rings are simple and timeless, just like you.

Other than plain rings, Ask & Embla also carries minimalist rings, goth rings, and 925 sterling silver rings. Whatever your style, we have rings to match all outfits and all seasons. Browse our collection of alternative jewelry now. 

Looking for more inspiration? Check out and choose your next statement look with our style guide.

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Rose Gold
2. Rose Gold
3. Silver
4. Steel
5. Black
6. Blue
7. Brown
8. Gray
9. Green
10. Orange
11. Pink
12. Purple
13. Red
14. Turquoise
15. White
16. Gold
17. Yellow
Classic Gold
18. Classic Gold
19. Amethyst
20. Clear
Smoky Quartz
21. Smoky Quartz
Dark Gold
22. Dark Gold
Gun Metal
23. Gun Metal
Gold with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
24. Gold with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
Silver with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
25. Silver with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
Gold with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
26. Gold with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
Silver with White Cubic Zirconia
27. Silver with White Cubic Zirconia
Silver with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
28. Silver with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
Gold with White Cubic Zirconia
29. Gold with White Cubic Zirconia
30. Gunmetal
Two-toned (Gold and Silver)
31. Two-toned (Gold and Silver)
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