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Also known as earplugs or earspools, plug earrings are a cylindrical jewelry for stretched earlobes. Unlike tunnels, plug earrings do not come with any hollowed-centre. You can go for classic circular shaped pairs like our Chrysocolla Plugs that exude the meditative auras of tidal pools, or make a bold move towards the teardrop variants like the Amethyst Teardrop Plugs for a statement look.

How do you put in plug earrings?

To start off, place the plug in between your index and thumb of your more stable hand. From the back of your earlobe, begin pushing the plug through the piercing. Rotate the plug slowly out from the piercing from the front using fingers from your other free hand. Based on preferences, some also start from the front of the ear piercing and work their way towards the back. If you want to know how to stretch your ears so you can adorn a plug earring, view our blog here.