How To Return 14k Sold Gold Jewelry for Warranty Claims

Step 1: Request a Pick-up By DHL Express When Returning a Product

If you are returning a product to Ask and Embla and have received a DHL prepaid label from us, you can request for the product to be picked up by DHL Express.

When we send a DHL prepaid label to you via email, there will be a PDF containing the DHL Waybill number on it. This will be used to schedule your pickup. This is what the Waybill number looks like:

Waybill with barcode

Click this link: and follow the instructions below:
  1. Select the country you are based in and click Continue.In the dropdown menu, select your country
  2. Click Schedule a Pickup.Click Schedule a Pickup among the tabs
  3. In the “Do you need a shipping label?” section, select No.Choose No for creating a shipping label
  4. Select “I have a DHL Waybill Number” in the dropdown menu below. Select 'I have a DHL Waybill Number' option in the dropdown menu
  5. Enter the DHL Waybill number from the PDF that we sent you, removing any spaces in the number.
  6. Fill in your country code and phone number, then click Next. Fill in the fields for country code and phone number
  7. Enter the location of the pickup in your country, then click Next. Fill in the fields for your address details
  8. Enter the number of packages, the total weight of all packages, and the dimensions of the largest package, then click Next. Fill in these fields for your package info
  9. Schedule the pickup time, then click Schedule Pickup. Indicate pickup time and date

Step 2: Pack a Return Parcel with DHL Express Prepaid Label

  1. Prepare a poly mailer with plastic pouch or you can ask an agent from DHL Express for their standard flyer when you schedule a pickup. Poly mailer with plastic pouch
  2. Put the package inside the poly mailer and seal.
  3. Put prepaid label, WayBill doc and commercial invoice (if any) inside the pouch as in the photo below: Poly mailer with invoice inside and waybill doc inside plastic pouch