Ask & Embla Statement

Staple and Statement Alternative Jewelry

Empower your every day with unique jewelry from Ask & Embla - your go-to jewelry store for expressive and unique designs made for anyone and everyone to furnish comfort in their own skin.

Bridging Alternative Styles of Jewelry

We are Ask & Embla, an online jewelry store that brings alternative expressions to you. Hone your edge with our brand of original and exclusive jewelry, designed after alternative lifestyles that reflects nods to the goth and ancient influences. Ask & Embla embraces being part of something different, with jewelry that symbolises shifting away from ‘hip’ culture and conventional costume jewelry.

Our unisex jewelry selection celebrates gender neutrality and aspires to provide a jewelry curation fit for every need. Shop a spectrum of styles, from dainty gothic jewelry to bold bohemian inspirations. Discover designs made of different materials and colours, from gold and silver to even black or bone jewelry.

Shop our best-selling jewelry, crafted with expression and soul. Enjoy free international shipping with a minimum spend.

Jewelry Crafted for Self Expression

Jewelry for the alternative soul. Be bold with our curation of earrings, stretched ear, and body jewelry. From gothic styles and bohemian sets to unique minimalist designs, elevate your outfits with an unrivalled edge. Select your favourites and be the face of your own cut of alternative. Create your everyday collection with our minimalist jewelry or find statement styles influenced by gothic or ancient origins.

With direct shipping from the United States or European Union, own exclusive and original jewelry designs without locating where to buy unique jewelry from jewelry stores near you. Cart out with your favourite goth, minimalist or bohemian jewelry and enjoy free international shipping with a minimum spend. Be inspired by our styling guides and find more ways to wear our jewelry on our website.