Ring Size Guide

We aim to communicate jewelry sizing in the clearest, most accessible way possible. Ask & Embla uses gauge, inch, and millimeter sizing to cater to all customers. Here is a guide to sizing for our various jewelry categories.

What you’ll need: a thin strip of paper or a piece of string, a pen or marker and a ruler.
  1. Wrap the strip of paper or string around your finger. Ensure a full, closed loop is formed.
  2. Adjust the size of the loop to your desired fit, ensuring it sits comfortably. Make sure the loop can still slide over your knuckles.
  3. When you find your desired fit, use a pen and mark the start and the end of the loop.
  4. Lay your string or paper on a flat surface and measure the distance between the 2 points. This will be the circumference of your ring.
  5. Refer to our ring size guide to find your size according to your measurement
Our rings fit true to size. If you are in-between sizes, size down for thin rings and size up for thick rings (above 3mm in width of band) to maintain a comfortable fit.