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Amazonite Plugs

Amazonite Plugs

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Pearled in energetic flow – empyrean and enigmatic.

Classic, round plugs for healing and inner strength comforted in a glassy brew of teal and cerulean light.

Amazonite is a naturally-occuring material, making the colour and striations of every piece unique. It is normal for all natural jewelry to differ slightly, so please allow slight variances in colour due to the characteristics of organic materials.

Sold in pair.

Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand, under ethical working conditions. Please allow for minor imperfections that are true to handcrafted jewelry. No two pieces are the same — every individual product is uniquely yours.

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Style: Round plugs

Material: Amazonite stone

Flare: Double flare


Per piece

Sizes: 8mm (0g) - 26mm (1 1/32 in)

Wearable area: 9mm to 10mm

Flare: 1.2mm to 2mm

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Amazonite Plugs - Plugs - Ask and Embla
Amazonite Plugs
Sale price $14.24 USD
25% OFF Back Soon