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OMBRIA Hangers

OMBRIA Hangers

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A foundational form to anchor timeless statements. Resonators of narratives passed down through generations and cyclical philosophies that cradle our ancestral heritage.

Hangers featuring semi-circular, hammered arcs. Crafted with a hand-hewn, rugged texture. Forged for all genders and expressions.

Sold as a pair. Recommended for stretched piercings 14mm (9/16") and above.

Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand, under ethical working conditions. Please allow for minor imperfections that are true to handcrafted jewelry. No two pieces are the same — every individual product is uniquely yours.

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Style: Open Hangers

Base material: Brass


Finishing: Anti-tarnish coating

Can be autoclaved: No


Finishing: White bronze plating and anti-tarnish coating

Can be autoclaved: No


Per piece

Size: 12mm (15/32")

Fit recommendation: Recommended for stretched piercings 12mm (15/32") and above.

Height: 21mm

Width: 21.76mm

Weight: 9 grams

This design is of a lighter weight. Suitable for wearers who prefer a weightless feeling on their jewelry. Comfortable for long-term wear and will not cause lobes to stretch.

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OMBRIA Hangers
OMBRIA Hangers
Regular price $50.00 USD
% OFF Back Soon