Collection: Hangers


Crafted in various weights, sizes and materials, Ask & Embla offers a curated selection of ear hangers to match stretched ears of all gauges and complement all alternative styles. Curate a classic combination fo  your stretched or gauged ears with high-polished metallic hues like gold, silver and brass. Take your pick from our treasured selection of favoured geometric jewelry like our Morgan Armour Hangers or our best-selling Moon Orb Hangers. In search of a bolder look? Curate an ear stack by accenting intricate hangers with Ask & Embla's original Classic Lobe Cuffs™️ and Classic Ring Stacks in a mix of tones and finishes.

Ear Hangers for Everyday Wear & Special Occasions

For a uniquely detailed look, pair your favourite ear hangers with a pair of staple ear tunnels. Add contrast to your style off the bat by mixing the tones of your hangers and tunnels in combinations of gold, silver and brass-hued metals. You can even style multiple pairs of hangers for a truly layered look.

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